Virtual Fireside Meetup

Thursday, September 24th 2020


Online Webinar


Guest Speakers

Hans van der Voorn

Chairman and CEO for Izon Science

Izon Science is the world leading manufacturer of nano-biological separation and characterisation tools. The company is a global leader in nano-biotechnology, focused on nano-measurements through its Tunable Resistive Pulse Sensing (TRPS) measurement system and on nano-biological separation through its qEV platform, based on size exclusion chromatography. With over 14 years in business and 1152+ organisations Izon provides tools to blue chip research companies in over 50 countries, including the Mayo Clinic, MIT, Oxford University and Harvard University. Recently a lot of the demand for Izon’s technology has been focussed on identifying biomarkers linked to the presence of cancer and other illnesses. Excitingly the company’s tools are also being used in the fight against COVID-19, for both delivering vaccines in clinical trials and the development of therapies aimed specifically at reducing the effects of the virus.

Matthew Waddick

CEO for Switch Motorcycles

SWITCH is a new wave production electric motorcycle company originally founded and incorporated in Hong Kong by Kiwi Matthew Waddick in 2018. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, uncertainty in Hong Kong and offer of NZ government support to localise manufacturing, SWITCH incorporated in New Zealand in 2020. SWITCH is an innovative low-cost company about halfway to market. The company received bootstrap/seed funding following the release of the eTRACKER concept bike in 2017 and in 2020 completed the first phase of its 3 phase development plan, a pre-production prototype called ‘the eSCRAMBLER. The eSCRAMBLER was released to the world through BikeEXIF (the world's premier online bike website), in February 2020 and was the biggest driver of traffic in the site’s history. In 2020 the eSCRAMBLER is on track to win the prestigious ‘Bike of the Year’ and is one of the most shared and talked about motorcycles on the internet.

Aleks Dahlberg

CEO for KITT Property Management

KITT is a company driven to rebuild the property management industry, and we’re doing so with our bespoke technologies that drastically reduce incumbent and expensive processes paired with our unique work-management model that separates property administration and field services (inspections, maintenance & viewings). Property investors who are managed by KITT save over $2000 per year, per property (av) on management costs. While at the same time we provide tools that further decrease their financial reporting, bookkeeping, tax and budgeting overheads. Tenants living in KITT managed properties experience feel comfortable knowing they have tools that allow them to lodge and track issues on the property as well as keep track of rent receipts, insurance information and tenancy specifics. The KITT team has a combined 50 years of property management and technology development experience. We have properties under management in 4 cities across New Zealand and plans to move into Australia, U.K, and Canada in 2021/2022. Our goal is to make property investing simple and successful for property investors while making living comfortable and hassle free for tenants.